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On September 18, the entire island of Puerto Rico has lost power when Hurricane Fiona hit, bringing violent winds, heavy rain, catastrophic flooding and landslides to the island. LUMA Energy, the main source of power on Puerto Rico, has stated it will take days to get the power back up to all residents. This is deeply concerning, as many folks on the island will not have access to food, water, basic sanitation needs, and their ability to connect to family or work for as long as they are without power.

The basic needs of Puerto Ricans, such as access to power or supplies, have historically been overlooked and ignored, leading to unnecessarily long periods of recovery, resulting in economic stagnation and widespread health and safety concerns for residents. I am working with the Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago to provide immediate assistance to folks on the island, as well as advocate for long-term infrastructure changes. Read more for opportunities to provide relief to Puerto Ricans.  

Additionally, in the past month, many folks have reached out to my office asking for more information about their tax rebates, and with questions about the SAFE-T act after graphics with disinformation were spread on social media. I am happy to address these questions for you all. Read on to find out if you qualify for up to $600 in tax rebates, to learn what the SAFE-T act will actually do, my upcoming town hall, and the importance of making the criminal legal system hold wealthy criminals accountable, and more.

As always, feel free reach out to my office for assistance by calling 773-278-2020, sending a text message to 773-207-7838, or sending us a note at


State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas | 20th District

Puerto Rico Relief Efforts – Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago

The Puerto Rican Agenda stands ready to re-energize the 3Rs for Puerto Rico: Rescue, Relief, Rebuild campaign to provide the same form of collective solidarity to our friends and family who have been impacted by Hurricane Fiona. Donate to the campaign by making an online contribution HERE.

For more information on the Agenda’s work and goals, click here:

Tax Rebate Information

Chances are you are one of the millions of Illinoisans set to receive direct financial relief as part of the Illinois Family Relief Plan I was proud to support during the spring legislative session.

Good news: Rebates are expected to hit bank accounts starting the week of Sept. 12.

If you filed 2021 Illinois taxes, you may be eligible to receive up to $700! Individual filers who make less than $200,000 will receive a $50 income tax rebate, and couples who make less than $400,000 will receive $100. Filers are also eligible for $100 per dependent, with a maximum of three. 

Additionally, if you paid property taxes in 2021 on your primary residence in 2020 – and you make less than $250,000 individually or $500,000 jointing – you are eligible for up to $300. Your rebate will be equal to the property tax you were qualified to claim on your 2021 taxes.

If you filed taxes you will automatically receive your rebate – otherwise you have until Oct. 17 to do so.

For more information on how the funds will be dispersed or to see if you qualify visit

To check the status of your rebate, click here and select “Where’s My Rebate?” You will need to have your IL-PIN number to check the status. To find your IL-PIN number, click here and select “IL-PIN Inquiry.”

SAFE-T Act Update

There is a lot of disinformation going around about the SAFE-T act right now. To set the record straight, this law is designed to make sure people with a lot of money can’t buy their way out of jail after committing serious crimes like rape or murder, and give folks who committed minor offenses and do not pose a risk to others the opportunity to be released, regardless of their access to money.

If you have more questions about the SAFE-T Act, consider attending my upcoming town hall on the bill. The town hall will be held virtually on Monday, October 3rd from 6-7:30 p.m. To pre-register, click here:

Job Opportunities in and around the 20th District

Check out my webpage featuring a list of job opportunities in Chicago and the 20th District. There, you can find links to jobs with the State of Illinois, Chicago Public Schools, local organizations and more.

What I’ve Been Up To

Check out my latest district activities and media interviews explaining how we are supporting community safety and the residents of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona! Click here for more information:

Upcoming Events

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