CPZ HB 26SPRINGFIELD – In response to the Senate’s passage of comprehensive clean energy legislation, State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas (D-Chicago) released the following statement:

“As extreme weather conditions currently threaten thousands across this country, we must realize that a 100% renewable energy future is not a dream, but an imperative. I’m proud to see Illinois take action to definitively end our reliance on fossil fuels that also protects communities that have been historically and systematically marginalized and harmed by the practices of corporate polluters.

I wanted to see greater accountability out of this bill and, while not perfect, this legislation makes unprecedented strides towards a fair, transparent transition out of a fossil fuel future. This legislation provides for minoritized communities and displaced workers to ensure that climate justice also means racial and labor justice in Illinois. We can and will take great leaps forward on all fronts with this bill.”

“After months of tough negotiations, we are closer than ever to an equitable green energy future in which people of all identities and lived experiences can pursue professional development, secure quality jobs and live in cleaner, healthier communities so we can all thrive.”

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CPZ HB 3595

What has Chicago Magazine substantively done over the years to invite readers into the world of state government and politics?

Thank you Chicago Magazine for introducing us to your base in case they have not been in touch with the impactful contributions - both before and during a public health and economic crisis - of the General Assembly members you highlighted in Opinion: There’s No More Invisible Politician than an Illinois State Legislator. Any search on ilga.gov will produce a solid list of successful legislative measures that reflect our deep work on the ground on behalf of the approximately 108,000-216,000 people we each represent. The named group of individuals are legislating with significant impact. Here are some recent examples:

  • Lead service line replacement,
  • First responder mental health,
  • Streamlining Business Enterprise Program Certification for small businesses,
  • State designated cultural districts to spur economic recovery,
  • Protection of first amendment for youth in care,
  • Increased access to higher education pathways,
  • Affordable and accessible child care, and
  • Increased support and real opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities.

Singling out legislators who are predominantly people of color, women, and openly gay (coincidentally all members of minoritized* groups in the General Assembly) compels us to ask, is it a coincidence or by design that it is difficult to find any statement of solidarity with the national uprising and accelerated civic engagement that many news outlets and socio-political influencers adopted, amplified and implemented in the wake of George Floyd’s murder? This is especially perplexing because these same legislators championed and executed the charge to address the root causes of failed policy for communities that have been historically marginalized in past sessions.

Furthermore, each of us represent communities that may not have broad readership of your magazine which can safely perpetuate the racism, sexism, and homophobia in this opinion piece without any accountability from constituents and supporters who are more than familiar with our track record. Performing a simple Google search, perusing our social media channels, or speaking to our constituents will reveal significant evidence of outreach, engagement, activism, and collaboration within our districts and across Illinois.

While we understand the purpose of an opinion piece, we are left searching for an application of journalistic standards. It’s disheartening that you allowed something this off-base and unconstructive to be included in your publication given that it promotes itself as “the most highly honored city magazines in the nation.” Instead of leaving readers with inflammatory words strung together by a writer rudderless toward a solution to the disengagement he laments, here’s what we propose your readers consider:

  • Becoming acquainted with state lawmakers is a shared responsibility between constituents, the media, and elected officials. The work is bidirectional and the law professor who admitted to not knowing, or caring to know, his state senator is more of a poor reflection on him given his area of expertise.
  • Confirm if the media source has correspondents covering the subject criticized in opinion pieces (i.e. Does Chicago Magazine have a Springfield correspondent?). Critical consumption of media is a central skill in the 21st century, especially with information overload.
  • Verify opinion pieces like these with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Latinx, LGBTQ, and women-led sources that offer nuance and uncover complexities that center the world perspectives that are often ignored and diminished by mainstream media and glossy publications.

Chicago Magazine, we disagree with both your tagline, “We (Chicago Magazine) are Chicago, and the bottom line from this opinion piece that the cited General Assembly members are hiding behind a conflated title of “state legislator” and living a “cush” life with no accountability. Many of us have endured sacrifices to operationalize the role of “public servant.” It is a dishonor to our ancestors, descendants, and co-conspirators in this work who inform our strategy to upend systemic -isms and transform government to be for, by, and with the people. You can and should do better.

State Representative Lakesia Collins
State Representative Eva-Dina Delgado
State Representative Frances Ann Hurley
State Representative Lindsey LaPointe
State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas
State Representative Lamont Robinson

*For a definition of minoritized, visit: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/minoritize

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Estimado amigo,

Hemos visto un preocupante aumento en los contagios de la altamente transmisible variante delta del COVID-19, y ahora que la vacuna de Pfizer ha recibido la aprobación completa de la FDA, espero que más gente se motive a recibir la vacuna.

Siga leyendo para saber más sobre cómo ser vacunado y otros recursos que pueden ayudar a que nuestra comunidad se recupere de la pandemia, así como para recibir una actualización sobre acciones legislativas.

También quiero recordarle que a partir del 30 de agosto todas las personas deben usar cubre bocas en interiores, independientemente de si han sido o no vacunados. Usar el cubre bocas ha probado ser una herramienta efectiva para evitar los contagios de COVID-19. Invito a todos para que usen el cubre bocas y, si les es posible, que reciban su vacuna contra el COVID-19 tan pronto como sea posible.

Manténgase saludable y como siempre comuníquese cuando lo desee con mi oficina distrital al (773) 278-2020, o a través de mi sitio de internet en caso de que tenga preguntas o inquietudes. 


Senadora Estatal Cristina Pacione-Zayas, Distrito 20

La vacuna de Pfizer contra el COVID-19 recibe la aprobación de la FDA

Buenas noticias: La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos de los Estados Unidos (FDA)  ha aprobado formalmente la vacuna de Pfizer contra el COVID-19, luego de aprobar su uso de emergencia en diciembre pasado. La gente que aún tenga dudas sobre recibir esta dosis ahora puede estar tranquila sabiendo que la vacuna es segura y efectiva. Este logro puede representar lo que algunas personas necesitan para vacunarse -cada dosis nos pone un paso más cerca de acabar para siempre con la pandemia.

La moratoria a desalojos inmobiliarios se amplía hasta el 3 de octubre de 2021

Nuestro estado está avanzando hacia la recuperación, pero muchas familias siguen sufriendo el impacto económico del COVID-19. Para ofrecer alivio, al tiempo que la gente regresa a trabajar y se recupera a lo largo del estado, el gobernador amplió la moratoria a los desalojos hasta el 3 de octubre. Los residentes de Illinois que tengan necesidad de este recurso pueden contactar el Departamento de Servicios Sociales al 866-454-3571 para recibir ayuda al pago de renta, servicios y más.

Encuesta para los trabajadores en el campo de la educación temprana

El Instituto Nacional de Investigación sobre Educación Temprana quiere saber su punto de vista como trabajador en el campo de la educación temprana para informar a quienes diseñan las políticas públicas sobre este tema y escuchen de quienes trabajan en este campo. Conteste el cuestionario aquí.

IDHS en asociación con INCCRRA está pidiendo a quienes trabajan en guarderías que los informen y actualicen sobre cómo van las cosas en este campo de trabajo. Responda el cuestionario Build Back Better aquí.

Pruebas de agua libre de plomo en guarderías

LeadCare Illinois ofrece a todas las guarderías con licencia y grupos de cuidados infantiles por un día pruebas gratuitas de análisis de plomo en el agua. Esta prueba es obligatoria para los establecimientos con licencia que atienden a niños menores de seis años y que están ubicadas en una residencia o edificio construido antes del 1 de enero del 2000. Regístrese aquí.

Fondos a reembolsos para educadores en educación temprana

Si asistió o estudia actualmente a una universidad o colegio acreditado en Illinois enfocado en la educación preescolar, puede ser elegible para recibir hasta $600 para pagar por sus estudios, incluye deuda estudiantil, que será pagado directamente a la institución educativa. Aproveche este recurso y solicite aquí.

¡La Junta de Educación Superior de Illinois (IBHE) está contratando!

Obtenga más información sobre las oportunidades de empleo en la IBHE en su sitio de internet aquí.

Fondos para la Restauración de Guarderías 2021

Illinois recibió $331 millones en ayuda financiera para asistir a las guarderías como parte del último paquete de estímulo federal. La tercera ronda de solicitudes a fondos de ayuda cierra el 15 de septiembre, y la cuarta ronda permanecerá abierta entre el 18 de octubre y el 15 de diciembre. Más información sobre cómo solicitar aquí.

Rincón comunitario

Vea las visitas, recorridos y participaciones comunitarias que he tenido en el distrito aquí.

Nuestras mesas de trabajo sobre políticas públicas están comenzando en preparación para la siguiente sesión legislativa. A través de ellas, los residentes del Distrito 20 podrán ayudarme a determinar qué propuestas de políticas públicas debemos mover hacia adelante. En los siguientes meses construiremos de principio a fin una Agenda para la Gente. Para comenzar, me reuní con todos los que co-presidirán las mesas para hablar sobre los siguientes pasos. Quienes co-liderarán llamarán a juntas en septiembre y octubre, así que esté pendiente. Si está interesado en ser parte de una mesa de trabajo por favor regístrese aquí

¡Revise el nuevo Rincón Comunitario en mi sitio de internet! Ahí encontrará una lista de recursos comunitarios como oportunidades para solicitar fondos al Programa Back to Business, actualizaciones sobre las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago, información sobre la vacunación y mucho más. Visite el Rincón Comunitario aquí.

Actualizaciones legislativas

  • La ciencia y la evidencia es contundente sobre lo vital que es atender con vigor la crisis climática, especialmente para proteger a las comunidades que han sido afectadas desproporcionadamente por las prácticas dañinas de las compañías productoras de combustibles fósiles. Para atender este pendiente, el Senado aprobó una legislación exhaustiva. Para leer mi declaración completa vaya aquí.
  • Para dejar en claro el papel del Departamento de Niños y Servicios a la Familia (DCFS) que evaluan la situación de los niños designados a padres que viven fuera del estado, lideré una ley que delinea con claridad las pautas sobre cuándo DCFS puede determinar las condiciones de vida en esa situación. Lea más aquí.
  • La ampliación de beneficios de acceso a guarderías serán permanentes bajo una medida que patrociné este año. Lea más aquí.
  • También lideré una medida que permite la creación de distritos culturales en Illinois y que se convirtió en ley recientemente. Este es un esfuerzo para reafirmar la identidad de las comunidades en Illinois, y preservar sus legados característicos. Lea más aquí.
  • El Programa Northwest Home Equity tendrá la posibilidad de ofrecer prestamos de asistencia a los dueños que tienen dificultades para pagar los impuestos a la propiedad bajo una nueva ley. Lea más aquí.
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Dear Friend,

We’ve recently seen a concerning rise in the highly-contagious delta variant of COVID-19, and now that Pfizer’s vaccine has gained full FDA approval, I hope more people are encouraged to get their shot.

Read on to learn more about getting vaccinated, as well as other resources that can help our community bounce back from the pandemic and an update on recent legislative actions.

I would also like to remind you that as of Aug. 30, all people regardless of vaccination status are required to wear a mask indoors. Wearing a mask has proven effective against the transmission of COVID-19. I encourage everyone to mask up, and if you can, get your COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible.

Stay healthy, and as always, feel free to reach out to my district office at (773) 278-2020 or on my website with any questions or concerns.


State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas | 20th District 


Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine gets full FDA approval

Great news: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now formally approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine after authorizing it for emergency use last December. People still hesitant about getting their dose can now be sure that the vaccine is safe and effective. This milestone could be the confidence boost someone needs to get vaccinated—each shot puts us one step closer to ending the pandemic for good!

Eviction moratorium extended to Oct. 3, 2021

Our state is making strides toward recovery, but many families are still suffering from the economic impact of COVID-19. To provide relief as households across the state return to work and get back on their feet, the governor extended the statewide eviction moratorium to Oct. 3, 2021. Illinoisans in need can contact the Illinois Department of Human Services at 866-454-3571 for help with rent, utility bills and more.

Resources for parents and educators 

Surveys for early childhood care workers

The National Institute for Early Education Research would like your input as an early childhood worker would like ECE policymakers to know about the workforce. Take the survey here.

IDHS and their partner INCCRRA are asking those working in the child care field to inform and update them on how the child care field is doing. Take the Build Back Better survey here.

Free lead in water testing for day cares

LeadCare Illinois offers all licensed day care homes, group day care homes, and day care centers free lead in water testing. Testing is mandatory for licensed facilities serving children under the age of six and located in a home or building constructed on or before January 1, 2000. Register here.

Preschool Development Grant, Birth-5 Education Reimbursement

Attention early childhood educators! This is your chance to apply for funds to support continuing your education and working toward your next credential or degree during 2021. If you have attended, or currently attend, an accredited Illinois college or university, you can apply for a maximum of $600 to repay existing debt owed directly to your higher education institution. Learn more and apply here.

Child Care Restoration Grants 2021

Illinois has been awarded $331 million in financial aid to support child care through the latest federal relief package. Round three grant applications will close Sept. 15, and Round four applications will be open from Oct. 18-Dec. 15. Learn more and apply here.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education is hiring!

Learn more about job opportunities at IBHE on their website here.

In the district

District events


I've been hard at work the last few weeks getting into the community to learn more about how I can help local organizations continue to provide services to residents of the 20th District. See more about what I've been up to here

Community Corner

Check out the new Community Corner on my website! Here you will find a revolving list of community resources like grant opportunities including the Back to Business Grant Program, updates on Chicago Public Schools, vaccination information and more. Visit the Community Corner here.

20th District Policy Roundtables

Our Policy Roundtables are starting up in preparation for the next legislative session. Through our Roundtables, residents of the 20th district will be able to help me think about what policy proposals we should advance going forward. In the following months we'll be building a People's Agenda from the ground up. To get started, I recently met with all Roundtable co-chairs to discuss next steps. Co-chairs will convene meetings in September and October, so keep an eye out! If you are interested in joining a Roundtable, please sign up here.

Legislative update

Clean energy legislation

The evidence and science is clear on how vital it is to aggressively address the intensifying climate crisis, especially for the communities that have always been disproportionately affected by the harmful practices of fossil fuel companies. To address this, the Senate recently passed a piece of comprehensive energy legislation. Read my full statement on it here.

Other recent measures

To help clarify the Department of Children and Family Services’ role in assessing the living situations of children placed with parents out of state, I spearheaded a law that lays out clear guidelines for when DCFS can assess these living arrangements. Read more here.

An expansion of child care benefits will be made permanent under a measure I sponsored this year. Read more here.

I also championed a measure to allow for the designation of cultural districts in Illinois that was signed into law recently in an effort to help affirm the identity of communities in Illinois and preserve their distinct legacies. Read more here.

The Northwest Home Equity Program will have the ability to provide low- or no-interest home assistance loans to homeowners struggling to make their property tax payments under a new law signed recently. Read more here.

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